Investigation Leads to Discovery of DAPL Protesters’ Alleged Weapons, Explosives

Law enforcement involved with the ongoing protest over the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline in Morton County is providing new details about the weapons they found.

They are also giving their side of how a woman severely hurt her arm.

Officers recovered three propane canisters from the site of an explosion along with rocks and glass jars consistent with the design of Molotov cocktails.

The explosion came early Monday morning after an all-night skirmish on the Backwater Bridge between hundreds of protesters and officers.

Two men and a woman were barricaded near a burned out vehicle where they say the protesters were allegedly attempting to plant a device.

Officers noticed multiple metallic cylinders rolled toward the vehicle.

A short time later there was an explosion and several protestors ran to the area and pulled a female from under the burned vehicle, and fled the scene.

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