Morton County Sheriff Pleads with Protesters Not to Risk Their Lives

An Emergency Services spokeswoman say no action will be taken to enforce Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s emergency evacuation order for protesters of the Dakota Access oil pipeline.

But, the Morton County Sheriff is urging pipeline protesters not to risk their lives.

The Sheriff’s Office released a video statement from Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

He says he’s concerned about the effect the snow and cold weather could have on protesters camping south of Mandan near the Dakota Access Pipeline.

He is urging everyone not to expose themselves to the elements of the winter storm.

“Being outside exposed to the elements for long periods of time, even short periods of time depending on the temperatures, does bring in life-threatening conditions,” said Sheriff Kirchmeier. “That includes frostbite, hypothermia and possible death.”

The Sheriff’s Office also released the first in a series of videos called “Know The Truth”.

Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney, who has a command role in helping Morton County, explains how some protesters attempt to instigate law enforcement through violence.

The sheriff says the videos are a way of showing law enforcement’s perspective on the dangerous tactics being used by some anti-DAPL protestors.

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