One Dead in Standoff with Moorhead Police

One man is dead after an early morning domestic disturbance in Moorhead.

Neighbors called police to the apartment where a child was still trapped inside.

We’re here at 1901 20th Street South talking to neighbors on why they decided to call 911.

“All of a sudden, we kind of heard something hit the door and kind of someone screaming down the hallways for help and stuff,” said witness Breana Orlando.

Officers got the call from neighbors at Sunrise Estates around 12:00am.

The suspect, now identified as 28–year old Thomas Scheibel, was threatening his female roommate with a gun.

“I just know that if we wouldn’t have opened that door, we don’t know what would have happened to her,” said Orlando.

Officers had arrived on scene shortly after the call,” said Lt. Tory Jacobson with the Moorhead Police Department. “They were able to get into the building and have containment around that particular apartment.”

The female roommate escaped to a neighbor’s apartment and told them her child was still inside with Scheibel.

Police say the child was not hurt and they were able to get them to safety.

“Ultimately, the SWAT team did do an entry utilizing a robot also to gain entry into that apartment and found the male victim deceased,” said Lt. Jacobson.

At about the same time of the domestic disturbance, Moorhead Police got a call about an armed robbery in the 1100th block of 19th St. South.

A male was allegedly giving a ride to a female that he met that night.

Another heavier black male came up to the car and demanded money while threatening him with a gun.

“I don’t really know for sure what’s going to happen,” said witness Zach Gabbard. “I might move out of this apartment if I find a different one, but that’s in the future.”

“It makes me nervous to know it’s happening so close to me,” said Orlando.

Moorhead Police are still investigating the situation and you can check back on updates here as soon as they come in.

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