Gov. Dalrymple Clarifies Evacuation Order for DAPL Protesters

Governor Dalrymple is clarifying the details of his emergency evacuation order of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp south of Mandan.

Dalrymple compared the order to one issued during times of flooding.

He says no one can be forcibly removed in either situation.

Dalrymple issued the order on Monday on concerns of the winter storm that was moving into the area.

That storm dumped more than a foot of snow on the protest camp.

The order led to widespread speculation that law enforcement would stop supplies and other help from getting to the camp.

The governor says that just isn’t correct.

“We are not claiming we have any special authority to do anything unusual,” said Gov. Dalrymple. “We will not be blocking supplies to people, food and water and clothing. Obviously that would be a huge mistake from a humanitarian standpoint to do anything like that.”

Dalrymple said he hopes to meet soon with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council in an ongoing effort to find a peaceful resolution to the pipeline standoff.

State officials have remained in regular contact with tribal officials and protest camp leaders to promote public safety.

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