Sen. Hoeven Addresses U.S. Senate on DAPL Misperceptions

Senator Hoeven took to the floor of the Senate to address misperceptions about the pipeline issue.

Hoeven said the federal courts found during two challenges the Army Corps had followed the appropriate process.

He said the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was properly consulted, and the project should lawfully proceed.

He also talked about false reports that law enforcement used grenades on protesters during a skirmish ten days ago.

“Law enforcement has worked to protect everyone,” explained Sen. Hoeven. “They have been patient, professional and diligent. They have not used concussion grenades. This issue needs to be resolved. It is past time to get this issue resolved.”

North Dakota leaders have approved an emergency request to borrow an additional $7 million to cover the cost of law enforcement related to the ongoing protest.

The group earlier approved $10 million in emergency spending.

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