Sen. Heitkamp Invited to Meeting at Trump Tower with President-Elect Trump

Senator Heidi Heitkamp has confirmed that she is set to meet with President-Elect Donald Trump on Friday afternoon.

Heitkamp, who is a Democrat, says she was invited to Trump Tower on Wednesday to meet with the incoming Republican leader.

When asked if the discussion might be regarding a possible cabinet position, she said she didn’t know.

There is speculation about Trump considering Heitkamp for Secretary of Agriculture or Energy.

A Trump transition aide would only confirm the meeting but did say that Heitkamp comes highly-recommended, very qualified and would be an asset in any role or capacity.

“I think that these are all closely held discussions and is appropriate for the president-elect,” said Sen. Heitkamp. “Obviously I believe that it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to talk about agriculture and energy and the challenges we have in rural economies.”

If Heitkamp is offered a job in the Trump administration, it would mean one less Democratic seat in the Republican controlled Senate.

It would also mean that North Dakota’s congressional members would most certainly be all Republican for the first time in decades.

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