Law Enforcement Takes Back American Flag from DAPL Protesters

An upside down U.S. flag at the pipeline protest campsite has been removed by law enforcement.

Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney says an upside down flag is usually a signal for distress.

But he said it looked like they were having a “Sunday afternoon festival.”

He says a Cass County Captain and a SWAT team member rode an airboat to the flag and removed it after protesters abandoned it.

“They disrespect the very symbol that gives them the right to do that, and just because you can doesn’t mean you should,” said Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney.

Both the Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and Senator John Hoeven are saying they want more actions and less words from U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Hoeven says Lynch is not working with North Dakota delegation to address violent protests.

He calls on President Obama to allow the passage of the pipeline.

President-elect Trump has already voiced his support to keep building the pipeline.

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