Chief Todd Updates City Commission on Fargo Police Involvement with DAPL Protest

The Fargo Police Department is updating the city commission on its involvement at the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A Cass County Commissioner is also questioning the sheriff’s involvement.

Commissioners Gehrig and Strand have asked the Fargo Police Department to update them on the police involvement from local law enforcement at the Dakota Access pipeline.

The meeting is still going on but Chief Todd said all officers from the Fargo Police Department who are there volunteered to go on their own and no one was forced and the state will reimburse the city for the lodging and travel that got them there.

Already, half of the expenses have been reimbursed.

No officers from FPD have fired their weapons at the site of the pipeline protests.

After the Army Corps of Engineers made the announcement they will be looking for new routes for the pipeline, Chief Todd is hoping the tensions will decrease and they won’t send anyone else.

Earlier today, we talked to an outgoing Cass County Commissioner who knows this topic very well.

He hopes people who are in decision-making positions consider how much local law enforcement involvement there should be in situations like the DAPL protests.

On KVRR Local News at 9, we’ll hear from an outgoing Cass County Commissioner who shares his thoughts on the length of time local law enforcement have been in Morton County.

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