County Commissioner Concerned About Outsourcing Officers for DAPL Protests

The Fargo Police Chief is updating the city commission on its involvement at the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A Cass County Commissioner is also questioning the length of the sheriff’s involvement.

“The Fargo Police Department does not currently have any personnel in Morton County,” said Police Chief Dave Todd with the Fargo Police Department.
He said the city is not paying for the local officers who have assisted at the protest in the past.

Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley says Morton County has been billed just over $200,000 by Fargo and half has already been reimbursed.

A bill for $185,000 was received Monday and is expected to be paid by the state early next week.
“Through the governor’s emergency declaration, every aspect of this is being reimbursed by the state,” said Chief Todd.
Chief Todd says there was one time in the last few months where the Fargo Police Department took on 12 hour shifts when 49 Fargo officers were at the protest, but it did not result in any less people policing here in Fargo.

As far as Cass County goes, Sheriff Paul Laney has been head of Command Operations at the protest site since August.

An outgoing county commissioner is raising questions about the amount of time local law enforcement officers are spending in other counties.

“I think the thing that all of us who are decision makers have to decide is what the degree of involvement should be,” said Commissioner Ken Pawluk.
Moving forward, Pawluk hopes the length of an officer’s involvement will be talked about first.
“I really like Paul Laney,” said Pawluk. “He’s just a super sheriff, but I like him best in Cass County.”
A few city commissioners took the chance to show gratitude for those who have served.
“Also helping out our neighbors, in Morton and Burleigh County,” said Commissioner Tony Gehrig. “So thank you for that Chief, and thank you to the officers who do that for us.”

Mayor Mahoney and Commissioner Strand joined the Fargo’s Native American Commission open forum after the commission meeting.

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