West Fargo Man In Custody After Bomb Threat

West Fargo Police came face to face with a bomb threat.

“Nothing like this has happened as long as I’ve been here,” said West Fargo Police Assistant Chief, Jerry Boyer.

Around 1:30am, 37 year old Shane Duval approached West Fargo Officers in the parking lot saying there was a bomb in his car.

His car was parked in the “police vehicle only” portion of the parking lot.

“The steering wheel had appeared that it had been manipulated and did not look normal, so they had him exit the vehicle,” Boyer said.

The Red River Valley Regional Bomb Squad was notified and searched his car immediately.

Luckily there was a robot sent into the car to see if there was really a bomb or not.

“This was a local incident there was no bomb located,” Boyer said.

Duval was arrested for terrorizing, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Apparently, this is not the first time that he has caused trouble within the community.

“We’ve had prior dealings with the suspect before today,” Boyer said.

Duval will remain in the Cass County Jail until further notice.

The West Fargo Police Department asks that if anyone has any information regarding this crime, please contact them.

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