Pet Connection: Meet Gracie

Puppies are the cutest things ever. But boy, are they a pain.

4 Luv of Dog volunteers are live in studio with a special, tiny, adorable guest. Gracie is just 8 weeks old, part of a litter born to a rescue dog who was pregnant when she was taken in. The volunteers with the rescue organization were happy to help her bring her babies into the world safely, but as 4 Luv of Dog founder Kish Hilmert reminds us, puppies are kind of a pain. Between the chewing, the mouthing, and the potty-training sessions in the middle of the night out in the cold, it’s a big commitment to bring home a little girl like Gracie over the holidays. But if you’re ready for the hard work, it’s so much more than worth it to have a beautiful little shepherd cross like her as a permanent part of your fur-ever home.

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