Website Ranks Minnesota as State with Most Miserable Winter

The website has ranked Minnesota as the state with the most miserable winter, beating out Alaska and North Dakota

We’re all too familiar with the biting wind chill and these heaps of snow that come through here every once in a while.

But do people in town really believe that Minnesota has the most miserable winter in the country?

Writers at say they ranked every state based on weather data, interviews with locals and how effective snow removal services are.

Of course, Hawaii is number 50.

North Dakota is number four, Alaska’s third, and Minnesota sits pretty at number one.

Everyone I talked to said the website needs to check their data.

“It’s just a normal winter. No. If I thought it was bad, I wouldn’t have my jacket open, it’s just nice, what the heck,” said Burt Buzick of Moorhead.

“I think it’s too bad, it’s a misperception about both states. There’s ice skating and sledding. I think the winter is beautiful. It does get really cold, but we’re a hearty sort,” said Lisa Gulland-Nelson of Fargo.

“I would think that like Alaska would be much worse,” said Cory Rodahl, a Williston native now living in Fargo.

“That is totally not true. As soon as you told me that, I was thinking, ‘where’s Alaska on this list,’ because it needs to be behind North Dakota,” KVRR’s Shiina LoSciuto said. She grew up in Anchorage Alaska.

“I’m born here, I’m used to it. Look, I’m not even wearing a winter coat,” Rodahl said.

“North Dakota’s a little bit worse because it’s so flat here that the wind just picks up and it’s really the wind that makes the winter miserable,” said Lindsey Mancini of Moorhead.

We all know it can get a little brisk.

But there’s one thing they all say makes up for the cold temps.

“It’s all about the people. And the people up here are always pretty darn good. The northern climates are for hearty people, but it’s just a great place to be,” said Michael Jacobson of South Fargo.

“Here in Fargo we have the small town feel even though it’s a big city,” Mancini said.

To see where the other states are ranked, click here.

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