Mothers In The Fargo-Moorhead Area Come Together For A Special Event

Babywearing International Inc. Held Their First Coffee And Carry Of 2017


Babywearing International Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote baby wearing as a universally accepted practice, with benefits for both the child and caregiver. It was their first ‘Coffee and Carry’ event of 2017.

“It’s really fun it’s very laid back. There’s usually a lot of people at the Saturday meetings so it can get a little bit hectic but kids are welcome,” said President Kristina Kainz with Babywearing International Inc.

They kicked off the day with a social hour, letting moms pick and choose their carriers complete with a 101 instructional, but they say the group is about way more than learning how to wear a baby.

Audra Maurer is a Babywearing volunteer and joined the organization while she was pregnant with her first child. Babywearing International showed her what the real world of being a mom is truly like.

“Now that I’m a mom of a three-month-old, it’s really nice to come and kind of get some sanity with some other moms and get help with how to make life easier when you have a little one,” said Volunteer, Audra Maurer with Babywearing International Inc.

She says getting support from other moms who are also trying out this whole parenting thing for the first time is extremely comforting.

“Being a mom is amazing but it’s also really hard. We have days where, on Monday I think I cried just 6 times just because like oh my god I can’t do this,” said Maurer.

And although some days may be more difficult than others, mothers share those exact moments that bring them joy.

“I think the hugs. This one is eight months old, Asher, and he just loves giving me hugs and I’m starting to get those sloppy kisses from him,” said Kainz.

“I would say there’s no words that can describe what it’s like when you have a little one and you look down and the unconditional love that they just stare up in your eyes and smile and knowing that you’re kind of their’s pretty amazing,” said Maurer.

As the saying goes, it truly does take a village to raise a child. Members can join Babywearing International Inc. for $30 a year and meetings are held twice a month on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

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