Sanford Looking to Hire (More Than) a Few Good Nurses

Sanford Health Held A Nursing Hiring Event To Fill Nearly 100 Open Positions

Cold winds and blowing snow didn’t stop prospective employees from attending Sanford’s nursing hiring fair today.

The new facility is set to open in six months.

Before they open the doors, they’ll need people to provide patient care.

“Today we’re having a hiring fair for nursing and nursing assistants, so people can come over to the new medical center,” said Susan Jarvis, who is the Executive Director of Emergency Trauma.  “We’re able to interview them, give them a tour of the new medical center and see if they would like to come work for Sanford.”

“People can come in from the community, from nursing schools…ask questions, hear a little more about the nursing practice at Sanford and we’re doing on–the–spot interviews and offers,” said Patient Care Manager, Katie Miller.

Sanford is looking to hire up to 90 people by July in their nursing department, all of whom will fill a critical role in the new medical campus.

“Nursing is the structure and foundation of our patient care here at Sanford, so we’re really hoping to expand and grow our nursing staff as we get ready to open,” said Miller.

Sanford also feels confident that the new facility will be ready for patients in July.

“We are really on track and on target for hiring for the new building right now,” said Jarvis. “We’ve hired about 30 percent of the staff that are going to be working over here in new positions. We’re really focusing now after the first of the year on getting the rest of those positions up and running.”

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Essentia Health is also looking to hire nursing staff.

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