ZOOcation at the Red River Zoo

Kids Spent Their Day Off Learning About Animals at the Zoo

FARGO, N.D. — Many kids in the F-M area decided to spend their day off at the zoo.

The Red River Zoo hosted their annual ZOOcation to give parents a place to send their kids on their day off from school.

The program offers kids different learning activities, crafts, and a chance to see the animals up close.

Today’s focus was on working together, just like the animals do in the wild.

“ZOOcation is a really informal program so it’s made to be pretty fun,” said Bryan Vasquez, the director of Conservation and Education at the Red River Zoo. “We do lots of different activities like crafts and games while learning about the animals that are here at the zoo.

The next ZOOcation will take place on March 17th and it will focus on teaching the kids how animals keep each other safe and find food.

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