Lawmakers Try to Create a Firefighter Cancer Registry Act

The law would establish a nationwide registry to track the relationship between firefighting and cancer

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Firefighters are often the ones doing the saving, but who’s going to save them?

U.S Senator from Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar is aiming to save the lives of firefighters, one hero at a time.

Klobuchar, among others, would like to establish a nationwide registry to monitor and track the relationship between firefighter’s exposure to fumes and toxins and how it relates to cancer.

It would be called the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act.

So far, there is no statewide registry to track the relationship between the two. Moorhead Fire Department officials say they lost several firefighters to cancer, and want to see the tragedies stop.

“You think about being burned or something that falls on you and in our country we have over 100 firefighters than die every year but there’s far more that have died from cancer and it’s long after the fire so we need to start thinking about that ahead of time,” said Moorhead Fire Department Chief, Rich Duysen.

Minnesota is just one of 33 states recognizing various cancers as an occupational hazard.

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