Local Business Owners Share Key to Success

Small Business Rx Alliance give tips on what it takes to own a successful business

FARGO, N.D. — If you’re not sure what direction your company is headed, there’s a prescription for small business success.

A local group of professionals with years of experience hosted a Business Owner’s Strategic Solutions Luncheon at the Holiday Inn.

Members of Small Business Rx Alliance talked everything from rewarding employees to tax deductions to retirement.

The business leaders shared tips on wealth creation and current tax liability.

“We call ourselves the million dollar advisory board,” said Jon Haug, who is the Vice President of CIR Solutions Agency. “People can come to us and if they had to hire all of us in the group, it’d probably be about a million dollars per year in salary. But we offer some consultation services for people so they don’t have to hire a million dollar advisory board.”

The Small Business RX Alliance is an assembly of separate companies and service providers based in Fargo.

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