Gifted First Graders of Lewis and Clark Give Gifts of Their Own

The students collected more than 500 teddy bears to give to children in need

First graders in the Gifted and Talented Program at Lewis and Clark Elementary gave a gift of their own.

The students asked for teddy bear donations from the community to give to children involved in crises

After collecting for a little over a week, the total number of stuffed animals collected is 552.

The Fargo Fire Department and the Fargo Police Department personally came to pick them up.

“It’s exciting for the kids to actually meet the people we’ve been talking about,” said Stacey Anderson, the Gifted and Talented Specialist at Lewis and Clark Elementary. “They are heroes to them, and to know that they are helping them at their job makes them feel very important.”

The teddy bears will be kept on hand so the first responders can give them to children involved in incidents such as house fires and car accidents.

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