Raging Red Band Festival at NDSU

Bands across the region are competing in the Raging Red Band Festival

FARGO, N.D. — Trumpet players are blasting their horns at NDSU for the next couple of days.

At least 31 high school bands from North Dakota and Minnesota are competing in the 5th annual Raging Red Band Festival.

Each band has the opportunity to perform in a professional performance space and receive a clinic session with a music educator.

At the end, winners from the 6th through 12th grade bands will qualify for a gold, silver or bronze trophy.

“Studies show that being involved with playing an instrument, singing in choir, being in a play, all of those things make our students and young people just better rounded human beings,” said Sigurd Johnson, the Director of Athletic Bands. “It gives them opportunities to use their brains in different ways other than standardized testing.”

The festival continues through 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.

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