Pet Connection: Meet Peyton

A purebred Boxer who's a lover, not a fighter.

Peyton is a ten month-old boxer who, like most dogs that age, appears at first glance to be a full-grown dog. But dogs this age still have some filling out to do, and emotionally and psychologically are pretty much puppies.

That means they need consistent work from owners keeping them up to scratch on their training, and lots of exercise, both of which Peyton is getting. Without that, the naughty behaviors that seem like harmless annoyances in a tiny puppy, like chewing furniture or nipping hands, can become significant problems in a larger dog. That may be why dogs between a year and two years old are the ages most commonly found at shelters.

That isn’t a problem for Peyton, who had wonderful manners during his live in-studio visit with Emily on the morning show. This neutered male is very friendly and would do best in a home with bigger children who can keep up with his strength and energy.

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