What’s Got Reporter Nick Broadway So Startled? Find Out on KVRR Local News @ 6!

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KVRR LOCAL NEWS @ 6 — Here’s what we’re working on to bring you at 6:

KVRR Reporter Nick Broadway says lawmakers in North Dakota are considering raising the penalty when it comes to motorists who toss trash outside the car while driving down state highways.

How much does law enforcement pay attention to the fines in place now?  Find out at 6!

The owners of the Dakota Access pipeline say construction on the controversial pipeline is under a new type of attack.  What they say they are facing and will this put a cramp in their schedule when it comes to starting the oil flowing?

KVRR Reporter Morgan Parrish says film buffs, actors and filmmakers are flocking to the Fargo Theatre for this year’s Fargo Film Festival.  We’ll give you a behind the scenes sneak peek.

Creativity with the film festival is in the air…does that mean we could get another dose of winter weather, complete with some snow?  KVRR Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec fills us in.

KVRR Sports Director Keith Albertson has NDSU Coach Chris Klieman’s first press conference for the upcoming season.

Join us for KVRR Local News at 6!

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