Am Fam HS Play of the Winter Nominees: April 7

Moorhead hockey vs. West Fargo hockey

FARGO, N.D. — The nominees for the American Family Insurance High School Play of the Week, brought to you by the Ken Kraft agency.
Last week you decided West Fargo’s Akealy Moton had a block filthy enough to make the finals. Now, we decide the play it will match up against, and both of these nominees come from the rink.

From the state of hockey, Moorhead hockey’s Jack Stetz helps Carter Randklev score on Roseau for a beautiful goal.

Play number two, West Fargo’s Brody Sherod helps Cole Haverland score a goal.

Both plays are clearly good, but which one is better? You can vote on our website at and click on the sports tab. We will also tweet out the poll with a link to the plays. The winner will air on Monday night and will match up with Akealy Moton’s block for the top play of the winter.

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