Am Fam HS Play of the Winter Nominees: April 14

Randklev's goal vs. Moton's block

FARGO, N.D. — The nominees of the American Family Insurance high school play of the week, are brought to you by Agent Traver Silbernagel. You’ve already seen them before, and now it’s time for you to decide which one will go down as the top play of the winter.

We have one play from the rink, and one from the court. One from the boys, and one from the girls. Play number one comes from West Fargo, where Senior Akealy Moton chases down a Davies Eagle and comes up with the block. Play number two is from Moorhead. The combination of Jack Stetz and Carter Randklev team up for a goal.

Both are good, which is better? That’s for you to decide.
You can vote for the high school play of the winter on our website and on twitter. The winner will be revealed on Monday evening.

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