Posters Displayed in Downtown Fargo Showing Racist and White Supremacist Beliefs

FARGO, N.D. — Police in Fargo say they have received complaints about posters supporting racist and white supremacist beliefs this week.

Some of these posters were found on powerline posts behind Wurst Bier Hall in downtown Fargo.

The posters have since been taken down but pictures of the posters have since been circulating on social media.

They say things like, “this country is your birthright,” signed The Flyovers.

“Fargo’s usually pretty good at helping people out,” said Anthony Johnson of Fargo. “Community wise, the community helps the community. The people help the people. The whole thing with racism…something needs to be done about it. Let life be lived. Don’t judge.”

Officials with the Fargo Human Relations Commission say they’re having a public meeting about the impact that these posters have on the community this Monday.

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