Valley City Couple Volunteering in Missouri to Help Flood Victims

The longtime Red Cross volunteers are heading to St. Louis

FARGO, N.D. — As flooding continues to make waves across Missouri communities, a Valley City couple set out to give victims a hand in their time of crisis.

Paul and Barb Henke started their journey this morning, saying severe flooding is an issue their community knows all too well.

The longtime Red Cross volunteers are using one of the organization’s Emergency vehicles to head to St. Louis.

The Henkes will provide shelter, meals, health services, and support to severe weather victims in the area.

“You meet people at some of their worst times,” said Barb Henke. “But you’re helping them and making them feel better and it’s just all of the hugs and things that you get that make it all worthwhile.”

She said this is a way for them to give back after all the times Red Cross helped Valley City in their times of severe flooding.

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