Mutts and Their Owners Take Over Gooseberry Park to Support Dog Rescue

The mut march was held in Moorhead ro raise funds for 4 Luv of Dog Rescue

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Gooseberry Park was overrun with pups for the fourth annual Mutt March.

Golden retrievers, black labs and Yorkies spent the day in the sun for the fundraising walk, but with treat vendors and costume contests, it’s more than just going for a walk.

“We have face painting we have a photo booth we have some awesome music,” said Kish Hilmert, President of 4 Luv of Dog.

The march was hosted by 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, a nonprofit organization providing foster and medical care for the dogs they rescue. The organization relies on grants and fundraising.

The all-volunteer staff team says seeing the furry faces at the walk are one of the rewards of their work.

“Being able to find dogs who are looking for forever homes,” said Hilmert. “There are so many dogs out there that are wonderful dogs that are just waiting for the right family to come along for them.”

“I think getting to see everybody come and hang out and seeing all of the alumni and the community support we get is really awesome,” said Natalie Helm, a volunteer with 4 Luv of Dog.

And dog owners explain why it’s so important to rescue their pets.

“Because there’s so many dogs that need homes and just opening your house to a dog is really rewarding,” said Emily Helm.

“Rescue in general is so important because there are so many animals out there looking for homes,” said Hilmer.  “National animal overpopulation problem is huge and there’s so many dogs in need and cats in need as well.”

“Just getting to be involved with all these incredible dogs getting to touch just a little piece of their lives, helping them get socialized get comfortable and get ready to be adopted by their forever families,” said Natalie Helm.

With hundreds of people at the march, volunteers say it touches their hearts to know how important rescue is to the community.

“The rescue could not continue without the community and their support and the community is always there to support us and we truly appreciate it,” said Hilmer.

We couldn’t do it without the amazing support we get from the community.

Since it’s opening in 2005, 4 Luv of Dog Rescue has placed over 3,000 dogs into their forever homes.

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