Preparing Children For A New Baby In The House

A newborn can be tough for the child who's used to being the baby

DETROIT LAKES, Minn.–Packing a bag for the hospital is just one of them many items on the to–do list before a new baby arrives!

One thing professionals said you might forget about, is preparing your other children for the change

“I’m due September 9th,” said  Kristen Mayfield, who is expecting her third child.

Although this isn’t her first pregnancy, it comes with its own set of worries.

“Teaching them that there is something real in there, and more so worried that Nora is going to be jealous,” said Mayfield.

When bringing home a newborn, it can be tough for the child who was the baby not so long ago.

“There is going to be temper tantrums, there is going to be some regress, maybe in potty training but that happens, and letting parents know and giving them tools equipping them,” said Emily Roberts, RN with Essentia Health.

Kristin’s children Alex and Nora are took Essentia’s “New Baby Sibling Class”.

“They can see how small a babies feet are, and then they get to see how big their feet are now, how much they’ve grown,” said Roberts, as she took Alex through a station.

The class has hands on activities for children so that they can get used to the idea of being an older sibling.

“That new person in the house is going to be a huge adjustment and a change for them,” Roberts explained.

From small things they can do to show love…

“Learning about how to hold the baby, and what we can say or do,” said Roberts

To even feeling what mom is going through.

“Oh it’s really hard isn’t it,” Roberts asked.

During the class, families can tour the birth place, so that when the due date comes around, they’re familiar with the atmosphere mom is going to be in.

“If you just come to the hospital and they are just instantly ‘Ok now I’m a big brother’, and they see this baby in moms arms they don’t have any time to adjust,” said Roberts.

Roberts said preparing your child for the change and getting them involved already puts them on track to be a “super sibling.”

“Seeing that she can help with the baby, versus Mom’s going to ignore you when I’m just going to look at the baby,” said Mayfield

The idea is that the fun of adding a new bundle of joy, should be exciting for the whole family.

It is completely free and open to the public, even if you’re not delivering with the hospital.

You can sign up by calling (218)-844-0761.

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