Lincoln Elementary Students Learn How Not to Burn

A fire truck visited Lincoln Elementary to teach students about fire safety

FARGO, ND — Students at Lincoln Elementary also took a break from classes to tour a fire truck.

The event is a part of the Fargo Fire Department’s “Learn Not to Burn” Program.

Firefighters spoke to students about the importance of fire safety as well as pointing out the highlights of a working fire truck.

Firefighters believe that it’s never too early to teach kids about staying safe.

“To teach them to be able to do this is so important so that if an emergency ever happens we want to decrease the amount of injuries or casualties or anything and to have them learn this is just an important thing for our department,” said Brett Petsinger of the Fargo Fire Department.

More than 200 students took part.

All Fargo elementary schools participated in the fire department’s “Learn Not to Burn” program.

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