Homeward Animal Shelter Helping Pets Find Their Way Home

Homeward Animal Shelter set up a microchip clinic for cats and dogs

FARGO, ND — Pups and kittens flooded in and out of Homeward Animal Shelter in order to get their identification.

A Microchip clinic was set up at the shelter for any cat or dog over the age of eight weeks.

The microchip was implanted by a licensed veterinarian by implanting a syringe under the skin between the shoulder blades.

Shelter owners say this is an important procedure all pets should go through, so they can always find their way back home.

“It’s permanent identification. Collars come off, tags fall off collars,” said manager Heather Clyde. “Animals that end up in the pound, there’s no immediate form of identification on them so they risk going to rescue or even being euthanized if they’re in rough shape.”

Homeward Animal Shelter uses PetLink microchips, which offers a portal for owners to login and change their information any time they need without paying a fee.

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