Experiments with KVRR Meteorologist Scott Sincoff: Pop Can Implosion

Fun and Easy Science Experiments

This week, Meteorologist Scott Sincoff worked with Benjamin Franklin Middle School Earth Science Teacher Barry Olson to create a Pop Can Implosion.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Empty Pop Cans
  • Heat Source
  • Large container of water
  • About 3 lb. of ice
  • Tongs/Oven Mitts
  • About 1–1 ½ oz. of water in each pop can

How to create your own Pop Can Implosion:


Fill the large container with water and put the ice in the container.  This will make a cold bath for the pop can to be placed in.  The molecules inside the pop can will then cool down very rapidly taking up less space inside the can.


  • Fill the pop cans with about 1–1 ½ oz. of water and place them on the heat source
  • Wait until the water starts boiling inside the cans on the heat source.
  • You will see steam (gas) coming out the top.
  • Take the tongs and put the can upside down in the cold water bath, opening first.

As soon as it hits the water, the can will implode.  The molecules inside the can will take up less space changing the pressure inside causing the pressure on the outside to push the can inward until it reaches the molecules inside.  The can has now imploded to a point where the inside and outside pressure are equal.

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