A Chicken Barn in Lake Park Is a Total Loss After a Fire

Officials are investigating a fire that left a chicken barn up in flames

LAKE PARK, Minn. — Officials are investigating a fire that left a chicken barn between Hawley and Lake Park up in flames and possibly thousands of chicks dead.

Fire officials were called to Baer Poultry at 28988 40th Avenue South between Hawley and Lake Park around 4:30 this afternoon to a chicken barn that caught on fire.

“All the people are safe and okay there was nobody on scene when the fire started. This was called in by a passer byer and they were able to locate the owners and have the owners arrive on scene later,” said Lieutenant Mark Empting with the Clay¬†County Sheriff’s Department.

“It had 134 thousand two week old chicks in there,” said Property Owner, Amos Baer.

“This is a very large fire and when these chicken barns go up it’s always like this,” said Lt. Empting.

Five local fire departments were called to help put out the flames including Hawley, Lake Park, Barnesville, Ulen and Hitterdal.

“There’s a large amount of water that’s being used right now. On the outside it’s somewhat under control but the firefighters haven’t been able to make entry into the barn yet,” said Lt. Empting.

There are also two other barns surrounding the fire, but luckily they’re in the clear.

“They do have animals in them but at this point they are okay. Those barns are not in any kind of danger and the animals are fine as well,” said Lt. Empting.

The initial cause of the fire is still undetermined but officials are hoping to have more answers in the near future.

“I have no idea. The electric is out on this end the fire began on the far end which is 150 feet down,” said Baer.

“I’ve never seen one like this,” said Lt. Empting.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Department says they estimate the barn to be a total loss.

The fire marshal will be back on scene tomorrow morning to investigate how the fire started.

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