Lost Color Footage of what Appears to be Aftermath of Fargo’s ’57 F5 Tornado

It includes shots of Immanuel Lutheran church with its roof gone

FARGO, ND — It is unbelievable timing.

One month ago, Charlie Francis bought some old home movies during an online auction from the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.

He was surprised to come across what appears to be lost footage from the aftermath of the deadly 1957 Fargo tornado.

It was 60 years ago yesterday when the F5 tornado killed 12 people and destroyed a north Fargo neighborhood.

Francis said the film shows some of the houses that were damaged and people driving around looking at the aftermath.

He said he┬áhas no idea where the 8-millimeter color movies came from but that the canister just read “Fargo” and “Duluth” and some other words written in cursive.

He said he’s still looking for clues that could lead to the family that originally owned them.

Another man, Dean Redmann, also found color film shot by his grandfather of the aftermath of the cleanup.

It includes shots of Immanuel Lutheran church with its roof gone.

Below are the videos Francis and Redmann have uncovered.


Video Courtesy of Charlie Francis and KFGO:


Video Courtesy of Dean Redmann, D&K Productions

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