Halstad, Ulen Cleaning Up After Strong Storms

Monday's Strong Wind Storm Left Parts Of Minnesota Damaged

MINNESOTA — Many people in western Minnesota spent most of their day cleaning up after Monday’s storms.

Halstad woke up to down power lines, uprooted trees and busted sheds strewn across at least one neighborhood.

In Ulen, Arloween Ekulnd said the wind was so bad that her and her family waited the storm out in their basement.

“We heard the window in the kitchen,” she said. “We heard it clunk and we could hear glass and so we ran upstairs to check that. It’s like, okay, the window is broke, stay down here. Water was coming into the basement.”

While their basement was the safest place in the house, Ekulnd said not knowing what was happening worried her.

“If you’re in the basement, you can’t see anything,” she said, “so that’s the scary part right there. Not knowing what’s going on outside until you come out and look and then it’s like, ‘oh my gosh’.”

The storm caused power outages in Ulen, as well as in Halstad.

“The power went out for probably about an hour or so and then flickered off just a few minutes later,” said Pam Vandermeer, who lives in Halstad.

To clean up the damage, neighbors were helping neighbors.

“A lot of down trees, but I think we fared pretty well considering,” Vandermeer said.

“You hate to lose trees but you know at least you still got your life and that’s what’s most important,” added Ekulnd.

Cleanup is expected to last the next couple of days.

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