RedHawks Player Profile: Chris Grayson

Chris Grayson hitting .354 in 19 games with RedHawks.

FARGO, N.D. — If it wasn’t for Chris Grayson’s older brother, the RedHawks outfielder could be scoring touchdowns instead of hitting home runs. When Grayson’s brother picked up the sport of baseball Chris followed along at a young age.

“It was one of those things that as soon as I stepped on the diamond I was good at it,” Grayson said. “It was because I was practicing with my brother and his friends.”

There was one slight problem for the left hander when he would play baseball with his brother.

“Even before I learned how to play I learned to catch righty because he had the glove and I wanted to play catch,” Grayson said. “He was like ‘you’re left handed’ and I was like ‘don’t worry I’ll catch it.’ So I learned how to catch right handed so that was cool. Once I actually started playing I got a left handed mitt.”

Once Grayson got the correct mitt he shined on the baseball field. He was drafted in the 13th round by the Texas Rangers in the 2011 MLB draft. The outfielder bounced around in the minors before finding a home in Fargo.

“When I played for other teams I always was impressed by the crowd and fans in Fargo,” Grayson stated. “Now wearing the red, it’s awesome.”

For Grayson, gaming does not stop when the last out is recorded on the baseball field.

“When I play MLB the show I actually work on something,” said Grayson. “If my swing is not right in real life, I’ll work on pulling the ball. Spinning on anything away. Like I’ll actually make at bats like ‘he’s probably throwing a change up here, don’t swing.’ ‘see you’re right, they probably don’t do that in real life.’ So I’ll do that a little bit with the show.”

Chris Grayson, a video gamer and a gamer in a RedHawks uniform.

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