North Dakota Man Walking Highway 75 for Children at Shriners Hospital

Tom Meadows Travels From Wahpeton to Fargo With Just His Oxygen Tank to Raise Money for Kids

FARGO, ND — One man is raising money for children at Shriners Hospital in a unique way and he’s not letting his own health issues get in his way.

Just to make sure people know he’s serious, he’s doing it by walking 47 miles.

Tom Meadows is 59–years–old with a laundry list of medical issues.

“I’ve got 10 cardiac stents, a triple bypass, CLPD, an enlarged heart and swelling in my hands and feet,” Meadows said. “Is that enough?”

But he said nothing can stop him and his oxygen tank from walking the 47 miles on Highway 75 from Wahpeton to El Zagal Shriners in Fargo.

After seeing television commercials about the kids at Shriners Hospital, he’s says it’s all for them.

“I’m doing it because it’s easy to sit on the couch and watch commercials and say, you know, someone needs to do something about this,” Meadows said. “We tend to put it on other people and it’s our responsibility. All the kids are our responsibility.”

Every time someone passes Meadows walking along, they can donate money to the hospital, sign his shirt and walk alongside him on his adventure.

“Every time somebody donates, that’s what makes every step that I make worthwhile,” Meadows said.

The people at Shriners are inspired by Meadows determination.

“It’s amazing that he has that and it’s just such a wonderful thing to be able to see other people that have the passion that we have without being in the same organization,” said Richard Pallay III, membership chairman for El Zagal Shrine.

Meadows’ wife will pick him up every day at sunset and drop him off every day at sunrise until he finishes his walk.

Although supportive, she at first thought he was crazy.

But now, he has the support of people just passing by.

“Thanks for checking up on me,” Meadows said some kind strangers.

Meadows says no matter the amount of support he has all that matters in the end is helping children in need.

“So as long as the Shriners keep doing what they’re doing, I’m going to do my best to get to Fargo,” Meadows said.

If you’d like to donate to Shriners Hospital, click here.

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