RDO Equipment Hosts Fourth Annual “Day of Play”

Kids got the chance to ride John Deere tractors, get an inside look at agricultural life

CASSELTON, ND — One local company is rolling out the top of the line when it comes to play time.

RDO Equipment hosted their annual “Day of Play” in Casselton.

Kathryn Kingsley’s youngest son is just one of the many kids who gets ecstatic when they see the tractors there.

“(He) yells ‘tractor’ and ‘big’ and everything that describes it,” Kingsley said.

There was certainly no shortage of tractors at RDO Equipment’s “Day of Play” for Kingsley’s son to get excited about either.

Kids from all over came to Casselton for a day filled with food, games and prizes.

But the tractors were the most exciting part for the kids.

RDO wants kids to have fun learning about what types of equipment are used in agricultural jobs.

Kids got a chance to ride and drive all types of John Deere vehicles.

One day, RDO hopes the kids will understand just how important agriculture truly is to society.

“The Ag business drives a lot of other businesses, whether it be you know, car sales, or whatever it may be,” said RDO Store Manager Nic Miller. “It all ties down to the Ag market and our industry.”

The company also puts on a “Day of Play” because not every child grows up in an agricultural setting.

“It’s really just to showcase what we have in the store for the kids and then give the kids that really don’t get an opportunity to ride the combines and tractors to see what that’s like and really experience it,” Miller said.

RDO didn’t forget about the parents though.

They could test drive John Deere lawn mowers and Gators, which also gave them a better understanding of what it’s like to grow up outside the city.

“It’s a really fun activity for a small town to bring outsiders to,” Kingsley said. “I think it’s really great that those who are in the city can come and see you know, a little bit more of the culture of farming, and it’s just fun for them to see.”

Kingsley’s 6-year-old son Hudson said from the tractors to the popular barrel trains, “Day of Play” gets a 10 out of 10 “because it’s fun”.

This was the fourth year RDO Equipment put on “Day of Play”.

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