Mobile Concert Hall Pops Up in Downtown Fargo

The Concert Truck tries to make classical music more accessible

FARGO, N.D. — It’s a concert hall on wheels. And many passersby were not disappointed.

“It’s very good,” said 11-year-old Dimarlo Aroni.

Pianists Susan Zhang and Nick Luby are bringing classical music across the country with their pop-up venue, the Concert Truck.

The first performance was in Columbia, South Carolina about two weeks ago.  Since then, Zhang and Luby have put on ten concerts.

“The most exciting, I would say for me, is making sure the truck gets where it needs to be at all hours of the day,” Luby said.

Each day is a time crunch.  The pianists and venue only spend up to an hour in each location.  The goal of the Concert Truck is remind people that classical music is an important part of society’s culture.

The traveling musicians are trying to visit as many towns as possible.

“We feel it’s important to bring these great works of art beyond the concert halls and to share them with people who might not normally get a chance to hear classical music otherwise,” Luby said.

Aroni says he’s not too young to understand this style of music.

“I do like classical music,” Aroni said. “I mean it’s calming, kind of sad, kind of happy.  Understanding if there’s a story.”

Those are the kinds of responses which keep the Concert Truck on its journey.

“We’re just really glad to be here,” Luby said.

Fargo is one of three stops made by the Concert Truck on Friday.  The next stop is in Itasca State Park this Saturday.

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