Valley TRIAD Hosts Annual Senior Safety Seminar

Seniors Throughout the F-M Area Learn About Ways to Prevent Scams and Fraud Targeted Towards Them

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Seniors walked away from the Hjemkomst Center more informed after attending the annual Senior Safety Seminar.

The event allows seniors living in the area to learn about all of the latest frauds and scams out there and how to prevent them.

Some examples of the scams they talked about include IRS scams, grandparent scams and people who pretend to be local utility companies.

While new technology brings new ways to trick elders, this has always been a problem within our community.

“Throughout the Red River Valley, we find that seniors are definitely preyed upon very heavily and so, unfortunately, they are still becoming victimized by it,” said Leann Wallin, the Community Policing Coordinator for the Moorhead Police Department.

They also learned that companies will never call them and threaten them and to never give out personal information over the phone.

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