Community Turns Out for Solar Eclipse 2017

At both MSUM and the Zoo, viewing glasses were sold out early, but that didn't stop everyone from sharing with one another

MOORHEAD, Minn. — It’s the phenomenon that hasn’t been seen in the United States for decades.

Here in the F-M area, people of all ages had a lot to say about the solar eclipse.

There are several solar eclipse viewing parties right here in the F-M area.

At MSUM, hundreds of people gathered around, looking at the sun through glasses, special folders and telescopes.

As exciting as it was to get a glimpse of the solar eclipse making its way across the United States, everyone made sure safety was a number one priority.

“We have a couple of telescopes out here right now from the astronomy department,” said physics student Connor Cease. “They’ve been fitted with UV protective lenses so you can look through the telescope.”

At the Red River Zoo’s eclipse party, a live screening from NASA was on the big screen so all ages could watch the eclipse in real time.

“For all those little toddlers so they can watch NASA’s live footage of the eclipse right there in the barn without risk of hurting their eyes,” said zoo Executive Director Sally Jacobson.

At both MSUM and the zoo, viewing glasses were sold out early, but that didn’t stop everyone from sharing with one another.

“It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said MSUM student Micaela Ridley. “We’ll probably be dead in the next century.”

Cease agreed. “It’s pretty interesting. It doesn’t happen very often so people are excited.”

We couldn’t get a proper full glimpse of the eclipse, but that didn’t stop us from learning a thing or two from budding scientists.

“The moon is under the sun and the sun is on top of the moon,” said Lyric.

“A tiny fraction of the sun covered up,” Xavier

“It looks like a little Pacman,” said Margaret.

“Kind of like cookie monster took a bite out of a cookie there for you,” Cease added.

And everyone had something to say about the color.

“Yeah it’s yellow orange-ish,” said Tanner.

But September Hamilton of Fargo did not agree. “No, it’s orange. Just orange. No yellow. Orange. Just orange.”

With so many people around the country organizing their lives around the eclipse, not even students in a fresh school year could stay away.

“Very excited,” said MSUM student Margaret. “Skipped class to do it.”

The F-M area will see a total solar eclipse in the year 2099.

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