United Blood Services in Desperate Need of Donors in Wake of Hurricane Harvey, Irma’s Impending Landfall

They are also doing it to prepare for situations like natural disasters

FARGO, ND — United Blood Services needs donations, and they need them now.

From the everyday people in Fargo who have blood transfusions, to the people affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, blood donations are important to patients around the country.

Bob Seigel has donated blood for over 45 years.

“It’s more of a habit than anything else,” Seigel said.

He started donating blood because United Blood Services used to offer health insurance.

Then he quickly realized what he was getting himself into.

“Ever since then, I just think it’s a resource we haven’t come up with a good artificial substitute for and people need that resource,” Seigel said

It’s such a highly demanded resource that United Blood Services has declared September 4th-10th National Blood Donation Week.

“We want to make sure that we’re finding new blood donors to replace those that can no longer give,” said blood recruitment representative Caroline McGuire. “Also, encourage our consistent blood donors to come and give.”

They are also doing it to prepare for situations like natural disasters.

With Hurricane Harvey and Irma taking their toll on people in the south, it’s the blood donations that will be needed the most.

“We are sharing resources and sending blood bags down to those areas, but we are reminding people to give now and give often to prepare for those natural disasters,” McGuire said.

At Sanford Hospitals, more than 1,000 blood bags are used in just one month.

“So imagine a large city and how many blood products they need,” said Sanford Hematology Nurse Navigator, Abby Haugen.

Whether there’s a hurricane or any other natural disaster, you can still count on Seigel.

“I’d be here either way,” Seigel said. “It just takes a little time and if you’ve got the time and you’re eligible as a donor, there’s no real reason you shouldn’t do it.”

Anyone that donates blood during National Blood Donation Week will be entered into a raffle to win a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and first responders will receive a special gift from September 9th-12th.

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