Nine Volunteers Deploy to East Coast for Hurricane Florence Relief

Volunteers will help distribute food and bulk supplies

FARGO, N.D. —¬†Hurricane Florence is a Category Four storm expected to reach landfall in the Carolinas and Virginia by Thursday. While evacuation orders are in place, brave volunteers heading into the storm. All it took was one ad in the paper. “Red Cross needed help so we said we can do this and then we started taking classes and then…

Hundreds Donate at NDSU’s Relief Concert to Help Hurricane Victims

The orchestra performed a rendition of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

FARGO, ND — Hundreds gave financial help to Harvey and Irma victims at NDSU’s Hurricane Relief Concert. Professionals and students both put up the short performance. A group of four singers belted out a country classic: “Houston. Houston means that I’m one step closer to you.” “Like so many Americans, we’re all scratching our heads trying to figure out how…

American Red Cross Brings More Local Volunteers to Florida

The group aims at providing a way to help give relief without putting volunteers in danger

FARGO, ND — With many volunteers already in Texas, local relief groups are sending even more manpower to Florida. But the American Red Cross told us people who want to help should not go down south by themselves. Hurricane Harvey already did a number on federal relief funds and volunteer groups from across the nation. But companies like Xcel Energy…

“218 to Texas” Rallying Minnesotans to Help Hurricane Victims

The initiative is also working on plans to help those in southern Florida

PARK RAPIDS, Minn. — A grassroots group in Park Rapids is rallying northern Minnesotans to bring bottled water to Texas. “You’re sitting online, you’re hitting the sad face button, you’re hitting the like button, the angry button,” said Jenny Larson with the initiative. “I don’t wanna do that. I wanna do something.” The group 218 to Texas is collecting donations…

Minnesota Power Company to Help Hurricane Irma Victims

Their crews will restore power to homes which lose it after the storm

MINNESOTA — While thousands of people are trying to flee Florida before Hurricane Irma hits, a Minnesota-based power company is sending crews into the state. Minnesota Power crews are gearing up and working on gathering supplies they will need once they get to Florida. The crews are hoping to provide support and equipment to help people get their power turned…

United Blood Services in Desperate Need of Donors in Wake of Hurricane Harvey, Irma’s Impending Landfall

They are also doing it to prepare for situations like natural disasters

FARGO, ND — United Blood Services needs donations, and they need them now. From the everyday people in Fargo who have blood transfusions, to the people affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, blood donations are important to patients around the country. Bob Seigel has donated blood for over 45 years. “It’s more of a habit than anything else,” Seigel said….

Red Cross Ready to Help Victims of Hurricane Irma

The organization still needs monetary donations to help those impacted by the hurricane

FARGO, N.D. — Eleven days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, another powerful hurricane takes aim at the United States. Hurricane Irma is forecasted to be near South Florida early Sunday morning.¬† The storm is tracking to make a catastrophic landfall on U.S. soil sometime within the next seven days. The Red Cross has volunteers deployed in the Southeast…