Hundreds Donate at NDSU’s Relief Concert to Help Hurricane Victims

The orchestra performed a rendition of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

FARGO, ND — Hundreds gave financial help to Harvey and Irma victims at NDSU’s Hurricane Relief Concert.

Professionals and students both put up the short performance.

A group of four singers belted out a country classic: “Houston. Houston means that I’m one step closer to you.”

“Like so many Americans, we’re all scratching our heads trying to figure out how we can best help,” said Bill Law, NDSU Assistant Director Of Performing Arts. “We harken back to a time a dozen years ago when Katrina hit New Orleans.”

“It is very difficult to watch for all of us,” the orchestra’s violinist said. “Especially knowing my mom and family and friends are down there.”

“We hurt when we hear this music,” said conductor Jane Linde Capistran. “But maybe we know that there’s things that are better beyond that and it helps us heal. We empathize with those people because of course we here in the Fargo-Moorhead area know what they’re going through.”

“I’m not so surprised to see this kind of a turnout because we live in Fargo, North Dakota” Law added. “This is what people do, you know.”

The Red Cross Dakota’s Region deployed their 100th volunteer to help victims down south.

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