Father, Grandparents Working Together to Raise Haisley Jo, Daughter of Savanna Greywind

He said when the decision was made, he cried and that he couldn't wait to get back to his daughter

FARGO, ND — The baby at the center of the Savanna Greywind murder case is home tonight with her father.

The court has granted Ashton Matheny, boyfriend of Greywind, full custody of Haisley Jo.

KVRR talked with Ashton outside the courthouse and how he feels on finally having a small amount of closure.

It is a crime that has rocked the entire community, and for many of Savanna Greywind’s loved ones, it’s a crime that will continue to have ripple effects the rest of their lives.

At the center of the tragedy, a nearly one–month–old girl, named Haisley Jo.

Haisley Jo was found in the apartment of the upstairs neighbors to the Greywind family.

DNA tests later confirmed she was the child of Savanna and her boyfriend, Ashton Matheny.

While Haisley Jo is Ashton’s child, legal questions remained over custody.

Questions, he now has answers to.

When Ashton left Cass County Annex, we spoke off camera.

He said when the decision was made, he cried and he couldn’t wait to get back to his daughter.

He has been on an emotional journey, but in his words, he has finally seen light at the end of the tunnel.

Ashton said it’s an exciting time and is happy with the court’s decision.

“There was never an issue with Ashton’s ability to care for this child,” said attorney Krista Andrews. “That’s not why social services was involved. It was surely because of the circumstances in which they found the baby.”

Savanna’s family released a statement on the ruling, saying:

“Savanna’s family is enjoying a wonderful shared relationship caring for Haisley Jo and spending many beautiful moments bonding with her. Haisley Jo is their little shining star.”

Ashton, who left Haisely Jo with Savanna’s parents while he attended the hearing, says they have a good relationship.

“It’s their first grandchild,” he said to me.  “I would never keep her from them.”

Haisley Jo’s family is holding a baby shower on Wednesday to celebrate her life.

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