Pet Connection: Meet Sylvia

An all-black cat who's as sweet as Halloween candy.

Just as the fall colors start to show themselves and we all start thinking about Halloween on the horizon,  a black cat turns up who’s as sweet as a piece of Halloween candy.

Sylvia’s a mixed-breed cat barely more than a kitten, with a silky medium-length coat the color of a swirl of black licorice. Her personality is sugar-sweet too, giving kisses to the Morning Show’s Emily Welker within minutes of meeting.

Sylvia was rescued from a local pound from the folks at Homeward Animal Shelter, and she doesn’t seem to have let her time in the pound phase her, getting along with practically everybody and even purring for us during her live in-studio appearance. She’s affectionate and small, and at just about a year old, has a long life ahead of her to give that affection to a potential adopter.

If this sweetheart of a cat is the right one for you, bring her home ahead of the Halloween rush, and check out her profile here at And don’t forget to check out the Wags, Whiskers and Wine Event next month, too!


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