Sheyenne High School Teacher Resigned Over Allegations of Sex, Drugs and “Conduct Unbecoming”

The report stated Doster was drinking with her 18-year-old former students and was highly intoxicated and had trouble standing on her own. KVRR's Erin Wencl contributed to this report.

WEST FARGO, ND —  A West Fargo teacher resigned hours before the start of school on August 29 for an investigation involving alleged sexual conduct with a student/former student, providing alcohol to minors and having alcohol in her classroom.

The school district’s personnel file on Elizabeth Doster reveals the investigation began August 9th after a student and parent informed a school counselor of rumors involving the language arts teacher at Sheyenne High School.

The district was given a report from Fargo police filed on July 10th where a student was cited with minor in possession at Doster’s house.

The report stated Doster was drinking with her 18-year-old former students and was highly intoxicated and had trouble standing on her own.

The case was forwarded to the State’s Attorney’s Office for possible charges.

The district received a text tip on August 17 alleging Doster had engaged in oral sex with a student through the school year and the text included messages from Doster to the student apologizing for her actions.

When questioned by school officials about the rumors, Doster claimed some students had seen her and the student in question, hug and that’s where Doster believed the rumor had started.

Doster also said her and the student in question would frequently meet outside of class because the student was working on a book and she was helping him with his grammar and English skills.

At one point in the spring of 2017, Doster was talked to by members of the school administration over meeting students late into the evening and how it could be perceived.

Doster told school officials after this conversation, she stopped meeting late into the evenings with students.

School officials also questioned Doster about claims she was frequently seen at parties thrown by students from the high school.

Doster said she would learn about the parties by watching Snapchat stories of some of her students, through other social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram and from being invited by students.

The school district placed the teacher on administrative leave the same day.

Dr. David Flowers, Superintendent of the West Fargo Public School District, said in a meeting after the allegations surfaced and an investigation had been done, that the school board was recommending she be discharged for “Immoral conduct and conduct unbecoming the position of a teacher.”

The next day they found three empty and one full beer cans in her classroom.

Doster resigned and the school board accepted her resignation on August 28.

The school district received glowing recommendations about Doster’s teaching background in 2014 before she was hired.

She worked as a language arts teacher at Minot Public Schools for four years before applying to West Fargo.

Minot Principal Keith Altendorf, in a recommendation letter to the West Fargo School District’s Selection Committee, writes that Doster “gives generously of her valuable time and often her work extends beyond the regular school day.”

He also goes on to write “Ms. Doster is one of the finest individuals I have worked with.”

Colleagues at Minot High School write Doster is an “inspiration to her students” and that she “has an excellent rapport with her students.”

We reached out to Doster for comment and only got a voice mail message.

The school district has dealt with these types of cases in the past.

Aaron Knodel made headlines in 2014 after he was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student at West Fargo High School.

Knodel was found not guilty in 2015 and reinstated as a teacher at Sheyenne High School.

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