Hope Inc. Holds Free Sled Hockey Open House

The goal was to show people with physical challenges they are not alone

MOORHEAD, Minn. —¬†Able-bodied people took the chance to be in a disabled person’s seat in the hockey rink.¬† Hope Inc. held their free open house for anyone who wanted to try out sled hockey.

It gave friends and family the opportunity to know what it’s like trying to play the sport.

One Hope Inc. official says the most important part of it all is showing people with physical challenges they’re not alone.

“It’s so important that they feel supported and they feel part of something. It’s such an isolating feeling otherwise so to be able to get in and play with your siblings, or your brothers or sisters, aunts or uncles or grandmas or grandpas, it just gives you that sense of support,” said Adair Grommesh, executive director of Hope Inc.

If you’d like to get involved in one of Hope Inc.’s sled hockey teams, click here.

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