Vintage Media Up for Sale at the Eighth Annual Record Fair

Records, cassettes, books and CD's ranging in price from $1 to $200 were available

FARGO, N.D. — Since organizers started the Fargo Record Fair eight years ago, they say it’s become bigger than they ever expected.

Physical media connoisseurs thumbed through more than 100,000 records to add to their collection.  Cassettes, books and CD’s from $1 to $200 were also available.

Organizers say they started the fair because they wanted to bring the Valley’s music lovers to one place.

“I just got done having a five-minute conversation with a guy and it was really fun just, there are music people you get to hang out with and talk to and spend time with them,” said Dean Sime, the fair’s organizer.  “You go to a concert and you’re busy watching a show so you don’t get to just sit and visit with the other fans as much as you might want to. It’s really meeting people and hanging out with people.”

Of the 35 people that sold records, only four were from established record stores.

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