Ghost Stories For Grownups

Why let the kids have all the fun for Halloween?

Halloween has, in years of late, become increasingly a  holiday for grownups. And with households in the U.S. expected to outspend last year’s record at more than $9 billion projected in Halloween-related expenditures this season, you may be looking for a more sophisticated way to celebrate the more grownup thrills and chills of the spookiest time of the year.

Enter Karen Kohoutek, former librarian at the Fargo Public Library, now of MSUM’s Livingston Lord Library. 16 years ago, Kohoutek was inspired by a ghost story event at the Spirit Room in downtown that suddenly went kaput, and decided to host a ghost-stories event of her own at Fargo’s downtown branch.

Since then, they’ve seen the event grow and grow to feature not just spoken performances of some of eeriest, most gory, and most unsettling works of literature, but also original compositions and performances of ghost stories by some of the region’s writers and artists.

This Wednesday evening, Kohoutek is holding the final Ghost Stories for Grownups: Rest In Peace event at the Fargo Public Library at 7 p.m., and she took a little time away from her scary responsibilities to sit down live in-studio on the Morning Show with Emily Welker to talk about why Halloween’s darkest delights are strictly a grown-up affair.

If you go:

Ghost Stories For Grownups: Rest In Peace

Wednesday, October 25th, 7 p.m.

Fargo Public Library Community Room

102 3rd Street North

Costumes Encouraged But Not Required

Refreshments Served

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