Five New Firefighters to Help Save Lives in Fargo

They said training from experienced firefighters helped them get through

FARGO, ND — The Fargo Fire Department adds five new firefighters to their ranks.

The recruits were hired on September 11th and spent eight weeks going through intensive training.

They were required to study structural firefighting, fire prevention and to specialize in search and rescue.

One new firefighter said although the training was difficult at times, leaning on experienced firefighters was what got them through.

“The guys that were on shift already definitely showed us better ways to do techniques,” said new firefighter Troy Borowicz. “Technique is a huge part of it so with their help it made it a lot more comfortable of a transition.”

The five new members will spend the next 10 months as probationary firefighters.

They will also train to become certified EMTs.

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