F-M Ambulance Honors Man for Quick Thinking Saving Moorhead Man With CPR

Riley Rude saved John Collins' life in Moorhead after he had a heart attack

FARGO, N.D. — Only seven to 10 percent of people survive getting a heart attack. But F-M Ambulance EMT’s say it’s people like Riley Rude who can change that statistic and it’s why they honored him with an award. Three months ago, Rude noticed John Collins had collapsed outside his Moorhead home. He performed CPR on Collins until emergency responders arrived,…

Rescuing Your Pet During A Fire

Firefighters and EMT's say their first priority is always to rescue humans before animals

FARGO, N.D. — No one was injured in a balcony fire last night but firefighters did have to revive a cat. Since many consider their pets to be a part of their family, KVRR’s Danielle Church found out what you should do to safely evacuate everyone, including your pet, during a house fire. During a house or apartment fire, many times…

Five New Firefighters to Help Save Lives in Fargo

They said training from experienced firefighters helped them get through

FARGO, ND — The Fargo Fire Department adds five new firefighters to their ranks. The recruits were hired on September 11th and spent eight weeks going through intensive training. They were required to study structural firefighting, fire prevention and to specialize in search and rescue. One new firefighter said although the training was difficult at times, leaning on experienced firefighters…

F-M Ambulance Holds EMT Classes to Prevent EMS Organizations from Closing

North Dakota has had 3 EMS organizations close down due to a lack of volunteers

FARGO, N.D. — EMS organizations statewide are suffering due to the lack of volunteers. F-M Ambulance is now holding a semester long training program to try and change that. The state of North Dakota has already counted that three EMS organizations in the state have had to close down due to low numbers of volunteers. “If they don’t have enough…

“Real Men Wear Pink” Campaign: Maria’s Journey From Breast Cancer Diagnosis To Survival

Her Midlife Return To College To Become A Nurse Was Suddenly Interrupted

FARGO, ND — “I can’t tell this story over and over and over, I’m not ready for it,” said Maria Schmidt. It’s a feeling likely shared by thousands of women and men when they are first diagnosed with breast cancer. “Now, it’s part of who I am.” Maria is a proud breast cancer survivor. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month….

Lynnette’s Story: Surviving a Heart Attack She Didn’t Know She Was Having

Lynnette went through the whole weekend without realizing she was having a heart attack.

The Go Red for Women luncheon in Fargo highlights a local heart attack survivor. We heard from someone who didn’t even realize she was at risk. “I loved taking care of the patients, I loved the families, I loved the adrenaline rush that you’d get working in the critical care,” said Lynnette Anderson, who lives in Page. “I took care…